Bobby (trumoose) wrote,


Oh yeah, Stella's out of the picture. She spent the weekend with me and my nephew and brother. It was just weird, it wasn't comfortable, awkward in a way. My newphew said she was hot, so did my brother, but I guess it was late last night we were talking and she said that doesn't like hanging out with kids. I said "what"? She said that kids get all the attention. I said,"You get jealous of a seven year old?"
She said, "Not jealous, just in the shadows, the whole weekend we were together, I played second fiddle to you"
I couldn't believe she said that. I made an excuse to leave, I think when I left we both realized that I wasn't going to go back or that we would talk to each other anymore.
It was a nice three weeks up until this past weekend.
Oh well, I liked her name.
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